Sunday, September 29, 2013

Zac ‘focusing on scripts’ - ( M4L4YS14 )

Zac Efron is reportedly refusing to let his addictions issues damage his career.

It has been alleged the former High School Musical star has sought professional help for a “serious” cocaine problem. Since apparently entering rehab twice earlier this year, Zac is now getting his life back on track and is focused on making movies.

“Not being fit for work was a big wake-up call. Zac doesn’t want stories of his partying to stand in the way of him becoming an even bigger star,” a source told British magazine Heat.

Reports have claimed Zac sometimes didn’t show up to Seth Rogen’s movie set for Neighbors and it was “common knowledge” the heartthrob was using drugs.

However, the 24-year-old hunk showed a different side during a spell in rehab and apparently spent a lot of time working on the script for a new thriller, Fire.

“Zac’s been beaten for several key roles lately, by the likes of Charlie Hunnam and Channing Tatum, and it’s made him question if he has what it takes to take his career to the next level,” the source added. “Coke made him feel more confident. He liked the way he felt on it… too much.”

The star’s spiral into addiction was seemingly sparked by several factors. TMZ claims Zac was feeling frustrated with his movie career, which has failed to take off despite his success in the High School Musical franchise. He is also said to have been struggling with “girl issues” and had been spending time with “a bad group of friends”, who introduced him to cocaine.

This week it was alleged Zac had also been dabbling in other drugs such as Oxycodone and had to be resuscitated after using the prescription medication in a hotel room.

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