Friday, September 27, 2013

Waltz to be Tarzan’s villain - ( M4L4YS14 )

27 Sep – Two time Academy Award winner and Quentin Tarantino’s muse Christoph Waltz is in talks to take on the role as yet another villain for a film. This time, he might snag a role as the main villain for David Yates’ adaptation of “Tarzan”.

David Yates had been responsible for the last four “Harry Potter” films in the past and also took up the director’s chair for the new adaptation of “Tarzan” earlier this year.

Alexander Skarsgård from “True Blood” and “Battleship” has also attached himself to the project as Tarzan himself, a man who was raised in the jungle and must protect his home from some great danger.

Jamie Foxx and Jessica Chastain were also supposedly attached to the film but they were reportedly having trouble committing to the project.

For the role of Jane, Tarzan’s lover, Yates is still on the look for an actress though he’s apparently considering the likes of “Harry Potter” collaborator Emma Watson and “The Wolf Of Wall Street” actress Margot Robbie.

Waltz will likely be a military man threatening our hero, though the exact details of his character have yet to be confirmed and he still has yet to confirm his attachment to the project.