Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quoting “senior Malay communist leader”, Utusan says Chin Peng looked down on Malays - ( M4L4YS14 )

Continuing its attack on Chin Peng, Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia today accused the late communist leader of looking down on the Malays. It also said Chin Peng opposed Malay privileges and denied the Malay language as the national language.

In claiming this, the paper’s weekend edition Mingguan Malaysia said it was quoting a “senior Malay communist leader”.

“Malays are stupid, backward, narrow-minded and only want to live their kampung lives. Malays are also easily satisfied with what they have,” the paper quoted the “communist leader”.

It then cited documents – also unnamed – to portray Chin Peng as someone who was vocal against the Bumiputera status in opposing Malay political dominance over non-Malays.

“The Communist Party of Malaya secretary-general also said the Malay elite were tools of the government following the British ruling to help strengthen the Malaysian government through the support of the Malays.

“Chin Peng saw the elite as conspiring with capitalist and monopolist groups to exploit the country’s wealth,” it said in the report, the first of a two-part series.

Another former Malay communist leader, the paper went on, exposed CPM’s propaganda as a lie, saying the party claimed to have fought for equal rights among races and for all languages to be recognised as official mediums.

“Chin Peng stated that the Malay language was a backward language which is limited in its terms compared to the Chinese language.

“At a CPM meeting in 1965, Chin Peng found the Malaysian government of discriminating when its policy gave priority to the Malay language, and he accused the government of sidelining the Chinese language.

“CPM slogan to build Malaya People’s Republic which means loyalty to Malays was a lie as CPM leaders looked upon Chinese as its source of inspiration,” the paper said, in claiming to quote “Malay communist leader”, who also said Chin Peng had dismissed the need for Malay support.

The report further said that CPM’s central committee members frequently called their trips to China as “Hui Chu Kuo”, which meant “return to homeland”.

“Chin Peng believed that when CPM takes over, Malays will have to accept communism. Communist leaders sees Malaya and Singapore as one entity and this will make the Chinese a majority and in turn, bring down the Malay status to the minority,” the paper quoted the unnamed leader as saying. – September 29, 2013.