Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kim ‘stressed about Kanye trial’ - ( M4L4YS14 )

Kim Kardashian is reportedly worried Kanye West will be sent to jail.

The rapper is due in court next month over an altercation with photographer Daniel Ramos, who claims Kanye “punched him and threw his camera to the ground”.

Kim is said to be worried about the verdict from the case, especially since the couple now have daughter North to look after. She fears her beau may be given a severe punishment and that she will be left to look after the tot alone.

“Kim is really upset. She’s been sobbing to Kanye, saying she needs his support with North,” an insider told British magazine Closer. “She’s been insisting that she can’t cope on her own and is so worried the judge will make an example of the rapper, especially considering his previous outburst.”

Kanye’s violent reaction follows a similar incident in 2008. He was arrested for destroying a paparazzo’s camera at LAX airport, but charges were dropped shortly after.

Kim is also reportedly upset due to the timing of her boyfriend’s trial. The couple are setting up a family home in Bel Air and the reality star allegedly believes this upheaval could affect their future together.

“Just when things were starting to get better and her relationship with Kanye was back on track, everything seems to be falling apart again,” a close friend added. “Their home won’t be ready until February and Kim’s scared she’ll be moving in alone. Kanye’s acting very cocky, saying he’ll be sure to get off, but Kim’s not impressed with his attitude.”

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