Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fight fair, DAP tells Barisan Nasional - ( M4L4YS14 )

Lim Guan Eng urged Barisan Nasional to fight fair and not resort to using the Registrar of Societies in trying to take down the DAP.

“Don’t try to finish us off using the RoS. Be a man and fight us fairly. Defeat us in the national polls,” Lim, referring to the Registrar of Societies, told reporters at the Parliament lobby today.

The DAP secretary-general pointed out that the fact his party’s delegates had re-elected the same 20 central executive committee members at yesterday’s special congress was a clear indication there was no cheating when polls were held last December.

“It was clean and fair. So why does RoS want to toy around with us?” he asked.